West End primary school children visit Ormskirk Hospital

1:31 pm  //  21st May 2019

Children from year two at Ormskirk West End primary school last month visited the Children’s department at Ormskirk hospital. They wanted to learn more about how the hospital runs, and what the nurses and doctors do every day. They had been talking about nurses in the past and wanted to compare their findings with nursing today. They had already decided that nurses are superheroes!


The Play Specialists set up a role play area and the wooden hospital for the children to use. They asked lot of questions and really got involved; listening to each other’s hearts, checking temperatures and blood pressure.


Sarah Currie the class teacher said: “The children learnt so much and really enjoyed visiting the hospital. The trip has sparked a lot of conversation and the children noticed things they hadn’t talked about in class.”


Jacci Bullen, hospital play specialist in the Children’s department adds: “We had a great time with year two. It’s really helpful for children to visit our department at times when they are well and happy, as it lessens any anxiety they might feel if they ever need treatment.  We hope some of this group goes on to become the next generation of NHS superheroes in the years to come.”


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