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Chaplaincy and spiritual care

Martin Abrams who leads to chaplaincy and spiritual care service

The Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care service seeks to offer pastoral, spiritual and religious support to anyone who would find it helpful. We are non-judgmental service for people of faith or no faith.

It is led by the Rev Martin Abrams who can be called on 01704 704639.

Time in hospital and illnesses can raise a lot of issues for patients and their families. Our person-centred approach aims to offer anything from a listening ear and general spiritual support to appropriate religious services and rituals.

The team is based at the hospital and represents, or is in contact with, all the major faiths and church denominations. The team comprises of a full-time ecumenical chaplain, and Roman Catholic priests, ministers and volunteers in a variety of capacities.


Out of hours on-call service

We offer a full out of hours on-call service provided by the hospital chaplain or bank chaplains. The on-call service can be contacted via the hospital switchboard or from the on call number available on each ward area. For Roman Catholic patients there is a priest on-call at all times who can be accessed via the hospital chaplain or hospital switchboard.


Quiet and prayer rooms

A room for prayer or quiet reflection is provided on both sites. At Southport you will find this room on the main corridor near A&E. At Ormskirk this is next to the RVS shop. At both sites there is the facility for your prayers, prayer intentions or thoughts to be left.


Religious services

There are regular Christian and Muslim prayers said at both sites (details and times are posted near the entrance to each room). Holy Communion or other religious offices can be arranged by request and brought to the bedside or offered in the prayer and quiet rooms as appropriate. If you have a relative who has requested a bedside service please contact the chaplains on 01704 704639. Ad hoc services are arranged throughout the year.


Religious needs of patients.

This website, created by Merseyside and Cheshire Cancer Network, describes the needs of patients from different religions.


Bereavement support

We work closely with the Bereavement service and the Chaplaincy team can be called upon to offer support and advice to the bereaved.


Links with local church and faith communities

We enjoy good relationships with local churches and other faith communities. If a patient would like us to contact a church or local faith representative on their behalf, please let us know. Chaplains will not communicate with other members of faith communities without the permission of the patient.


End of life support

It is important that spiritual needs are recognised and addressed towards the end of life. As well as offering appropriate prayers, chaplains have particular skills in offering support and advice to patients and their families, carers and friends around the end of life.


Gideon Bibles and other literature.

Each bedside locker should have a Gideon Bible in it which is wrapped in film to comply with infection prevention procedures. Patients who open the Bible are asked to take the Bible home with them.  If there is not a Bible available in the locker please contact the chaplains, who will gladly replace it on behalf of the Gideon’s.  If a patient would like a large print bible or any other holy book, please contact the chaplaincy office. Books of Christian prayers are also available on request.