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Patients rooms

Patients are admitted from the referring hospital following a period of stabilisation.  Depending on the level of injury and complications, patients can be allocated a bed anywhere within the Centre.

Patients who require ventilator support are admitted into our acute respiratory areas.  Room 1 provides the highest level of support and is shared by both men and women.

Once the patient’s condition is stable and they no longer require such intensive medical support, they move to single-sex two, four or six-bedded rooms.

Moves between rooms can be frequent and are dictated by the prevailing clinical needs of the whole patient group.

While we try to keep bed space changes to a minimum, moves at short notice should be expected.

Once mobilised out of bed patients are encouraged to eat their meals in the upstairs day-dining room and not next to their bed.

Socialisation at meal times is an important component of the rehabilitation programme.