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Mr Sangani, Clinical Director and Mr Hakim

We provide orthopaedic services across a range of specialities delivered in modern wards, clinics and theatre facilities. We are committed to ensuring that patients see the same team members throughout their journey with us.

Our award-winning team has a high level of expertise across a range of specialities and via the Trust wider services, are able to provide as required, up to critical care, whilst still providing individualised and personalised support from the team.

Accelerated rehabilitation. This is our enhanced recovery programme for hip and knee replacements which we devised using the most up to date research and best practice, in 2012.

It follows current International research and improved anaesthetics to reduce pain, bleeding and swelling which means most of our patients can commence physiotherapy and mobilise a few hours after they return from theatre. As our patients have less pain, they progress quicker and can get home sooner so they can return to normal living.

Orthopaedic therapy discharge scheme. On discharge the scheme enables ongoing coordinated care in the home environment as required. Patients have access to the therapy team for up to 10 weeks post-surgery with follow up phone calls or visits and attendance at out–patient physiotherapy groups.

This is a service we are very proud of and we are the only hospital among our neighbouring orthopaedic providers in the North West offering such ongoing support on discharge.

Service Leads

Mr Chetan Sangani Consultant and Clinical Director


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