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Optometry- Paediatrics

Orthoptics- Paediatrics


Paediatric Dr/Orthoptist linked clinic: 01695 656294

Orthoptic department – Ormskirk: 01695 656690

Orthoptic department – Southport: 01704 705213

Consultants / Service Leads

Dr Lesley Kaye

Associate Specialist in Ophthalmology- Paediatric lead.


Myrtle Henderson

Head of Orthoptics & Optometry

The Service

Experts in the assessment, diagnosis & treatment of a variety of eye problems and eye movement disorders from birth onwards e.g. vision testing, lazy eye, squint, focusing difficulties, double vision and glasses wear.

Assessment of how the eyes work together as a pair (binocular function). Treatment plans e.g. glasses, patching, exercises and possible surgical intervention.

Assessment of vision problems in children with additional needs

Specific learning difficulties with reading – visual processing assessment and advice clinics

Paediatric eye injury, infection, inflammation.

Additional Information

Joint paediatric Orthoptist & Ophthalmologist clinics and appointments offered Monday to Wednesday at ODGH Paediatric out-patient department. Early evening clinics offered on Monday & Tuesdays.


Orthoptic follow up clinics are held at Southport and Ormskirk hospitals, and some health centres in north Sefton and west Lancashire

Optometry follow up appointments are available at both hospitals.

Referral Method

GP referral

Optician (via GP)

School nurse/Health visitor


Paediatric A&E

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