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Visiting times

We are restricting visiting during coronavirus. Check here for details. For general visiting times go to Southport hospital and Ormskirk hospital.


Within the maternity unit we believe in family centered care, but in order to allow for privacy to patients, rest periods for mums and babies, doctors rounds, medical examinations and to ensure security for mums and babies, visiting times will be restricted as follows;

Antenatal and postnatal wards

Birthing partners: 9am – 9pm

Visitors: 2pm – 4pm and 6pm – 8pm

Visitors are limited to three persons per bed.

Delivery suite

To ensure the maintenance of security and privacy for all patients on delivery suite there are no visiting hours on delivery suite. Access is allowed to the maximum of 2 birthing partners only.

Visitors are not allowed in theatre or the recovery room and the swapping of birthing partners during labour is not allowed.

Any other visitors will be advised to visit during allocated visiting hours on antenatal or postnatal wards following transfer of mum and baby.


Only the brothers and sisters of the new-born should be brought in. Other children will not be allowed within the ward areas.