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Keeping you and your family safe

All doors to the maternity wards are kept locked and only members of staff working within the maternity unit can gain entry via their identification badge. An intercom and security cameras are used to assess visitors before entry to the wards.

All babies are security tagged at birth as well as wearing their identification tags. However, you should never leave your baby unattended. If you need to leave your baby for any reason please inform the midwife.

If for any reason your baby’s identification tag comes off, please inform a midwife straight away.

We practice a “rooming in” policy which means that your baby will be cared for with you in attendance, therefore never let your baby be taken away by any one.

All staff wear an identification badge if you cannot see it, please ask.

For security reasons women and their visitors are requested not to let any one in to or out of the wards.