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Delivery suite

Location level 4, Ormskirk hospital

Our purpose-built delivery suite has eight delivery rooms and an obstetric theatre. Three of our delivery rooms are designated as active birth/midwifery led care rooms, with one of these rooms also having a birth pool.

The pool is available for women to use either as pain relief or for water birth. In addition if you specifically wish to labour in water we can facilitate the use of your own birth pool in one of our rooms. All the delivery rooms have en-suite facilities.

Telephone: 01695 656919

We make every effort to ensure your comfort and safety in our delivery rooms. As well as having state of the art monitoring equipment and birthing beds each delivery room has a sound system with docking station, CD player and radio.

The delivery suite is staffed by midwives and obstetricians who strive to ensure that the highest level of care and support is available for you before, during and immediately following the birth of your baby.

Your birthing partners will be made welcome, we recommend that you decide during your pregnancy who you would like to support you in labour and that you inform your midwife at your 36 week antenatal appointment of who you wish your birth partners to be.

We generally advise that you have up to two birth partners, however we are happy to support your personal choice if you feel you would need additional support.

Your community midwife is available to go over your birth plan with you at 36 weeks and on admission to delivery suite we welcome the opportunity to discuss your birth plan further.

Pain relief

  • Epidural (service available 24 hours per day)
  • Hydrotherapy (pool)
  • Simple analgesia (paracetamol)
  • Entonox (gas and air)
  • Diamorphine
  • Pethidine


Within our delivery suite we aim to ensure that your birth experience is as normal and low key as possible with care provided by caring and efficient midwives.

However, we take into consideration your clinical needs and when further assistance is required, medical staff are present on the Maternity Unit 24 hours per day.

Therefore, whether you are having a normal birth, planned caesarean section or need either a forceps, ventouse or emergency caesarean section delivery, there is a full team of midwives, obstetricians and support workers available to provide your care.


Visiting delivery suite

We do not have visiting times as visiting is usually open but restricted to your chosen birth partners. However, as birth is a significant and happy event for a family, we welcome short visits from baby’s grandparents and siblings following the birth.

If you need to remain on Delivery Suite following the birth of your baby we would ask that your visitors come from 2pm to 4pm and 6pm to 8pm.