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Play therapy service

The Play Therapy Service is made up of qualified health children’s play specialists who provide play and recreation for children and young people on wards, clinics and day surgery. 

We provide normal and every day play as well as specialist and therapeutic play for children and young people in our care. This includes:

  • Play preparation
  • Distraction
  • Post-procedural play
  • Normal and developmental play


Our role is to:

  • Create a positive environment
  • Provide play and recreation as well as entertainment for children and young people in all situations
  • Support children, young people and their families through the hospital experience
  • Prepare, support and distract children and young people for procedures and treatment
  • Help children and young people to develop coping strategies (for medicine taking and procedures)
  • Help children and young people to communicate their anxieties, fears and worries
  • Assess children and develop play programmes to help them regain skills lost through long term hospitalisation.