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Autsim podcast and mental health blog

I’m a young adult who is on the Autistic Spectrum. I also have Dyspraxia and anxiety. I recently co-planned and co-delivered professional Autism training sessions across different locations in England from January to March 2020. This training was co-produced by NHS England and the National Children’s Bureau (NCB). I delivered the training with support throughout in partnership with Isabelle Garnett, an Autism parent consultant, and Rosalind Hardy, my Autistic friend and training colleague.

Last year, from August to November 2019, I also planned and co-delivered various training sessions in partnership with NCB staff and Rosalind about the importance of engaging with children and young people with disabilities.

I’ve recently created a podcast in partnership with the NCB about my personal experiences of Autism. Please click here to listen.

Rosalind has also created a podcast about her personal experiences of growing up and living with Autism. Click here to listen.

I’ve also written a blog about my personal experiences of mental health and anxiety. You can read it here.

Both me and Rosalind are also featured in an exciting national publication which showcases a variety of young people’s inspiring stories and achievements. You can find me on page 42. Rosalind is featured on page 45. Click here to read.

I hope this information is helpful.

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