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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a common yet complex neurodevelopmental disorder usually recognised in early childhood. It can have a significant impact on school performance, family relations and social life. Everyone can be hyperactive, impulsive or inattentive some of the time. A child with ADHD has symptoms, most of the time that can seriously affect their everyday life.

We are a team of specialists who are trained to assess and manage a wide range of developmental and social issues that can affect a child’s well-being. Here’s an animation from NCMH (National Centre for Mental Health)

Flynn Pharma ADHD Explainer from Motion Worx

Helpful websites


Vanderbilt Questionnaire for Parents – one-off and 4 Weeks

Vanderbilt Questionnaire for Teachers – one-off and  4 Weeks 

 Takeda A Young Person’s Guide to Thriving with ADHD 

Takeda About ADHD A Guide for Children Booklet

Takeda ADHD A Guide for Parents Booklet

Top Tips for Families at Home Nice Guidance Link


  • Driven to Distraction – Edward Hallowell & John Ratey
  • What does everybody else know that I don’t? – Michele Novotni
  • Hank Zipzer – Henry Winkler & Lin Oliver Free Association:
  • Where my mind goes during science class – Barbara Esham
  • Cory Stories: A Kid’s book about living with ADHD – Jeanne Kraus
  • Pay attention, Emily Brown! – Linda Burton