Schoolgirls make generous donation to the stroke unit

1:34 pm  //  21st May 2019

Southport schoolgirls Miya Maclean and Nova Brookfield, students at Christ the King Catholic High School, Southport, recently made a generous donation to the stroke unit at Southport hospital.

The friends came up with the idea of raising money for the ward, after hearing Miya’s mum Abbey talk about working there. Abbey Maclean has been working as a health care assistant on this ward for the last two years.

They spent £160 of their own savings on Apple AirPods, which they then raffled at school and raised an impressive £230.  This money is going to be invested in the family room on the ward.

Juliette Cosgrove, director of nursing, midwifery and therapies at the Trust was delighted: “What a fantastic effort from these girls! Generous not only with their own savings, but also with time and energy.  We are delighted to receive this money and hope that everyone is very proud of these two, they are an absolute credit to their families and school.”

Miya’s mum Abbey explains: “I am incredibly proud of both of them. They wanted to do something for charity, and off they went and did it, totally their own idea. They were really well supported by their school too which was excellent, they were helped with publicity and money handling, so it was great work all around.”

Head teacher at Christ the King School, James Lancaster sums up: “We are very proud of the commitment and passion that Miya and Nova have shown for this worthwhile cause.  The school is delighted to support this by contributing a further £70 from our charity funds.  We wish all staff who work hard in the stroke unit all the very best with their crucial jobs.”



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