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Inpatients: what to expect

Visiting hospital as a patient or the family member of patient can be a worrying and bewildering time.

There is general advice below and then more specific information for outpatients and inpatients elsewhere in this section.


You will be given a clear explanation of your condition and any proposed treatment, investigation or procedure, including the risks and alternatives. You will then be asked to give your consent.


Identifying staff

All our staff wear identification badges, so if you are not sure who we are, please ask. The team caring for you may be made up of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, radiographers, dieticians, occupational therapists, ward clerks and many others.


Your consultant

Your care will be managed by an expert team headed by a consultant. You may not always need to see your consultant but, be assured, they are still responsible for you and that under their direction you will receive the best possible care at all times.


Supporting visits to hospital

We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible. It may be you, or someone you are supporting, has mobility, communication, hearing or visual difficulties, dietary needs, a disability, or diagnosis of dementia. If so, use the information on your appointment letter or card so we can make any necessary arrangements.



The hospital is involved in training health professionals. These trainees may be involved in your care. However, if you do not wish this, please inform the nurse or doctor caring for you.


Clinical studies.

The Trust is privileged to be involved in clinical studies and you may be asked to take part.

These are research studies involving patients which compare new or different types of care with the best treatment currently available. If your doctor asks you to take part, they should explain everything that it involves.

Taking part in a clinical study is entirely voluntary and you must decide whether or not to take part.

If you do decide to take part, you will be asked to sign a consent form confirming your agreement. However, even after consenting, you are still free to withdraw from the study at any time without giving a reason or prejudicing your future care.


Fire precautions

If you see anything that may be a fire hazard, please inform a member of staff immediately. In the unlikely event of a fire, hospital staff are trained to deal with it. Fire alarm testing takes place every Wednesday.


We are a smokefree hospital

Our Trust is smokefree. This includes the buildings and grounds as well as the use of electronic cigarettes.

By being smokefree we are helping to protect the health of our patients, visitors and staff as well as making the hospital a more pleasant environment.

There is a stop smoking nurse to help you during your stay and nicotine replacement therapy available on prescription. If you would like to be seen please ask staff on arrival in hospital.

Local stop smoking services are also available in Sefton on 0300 100 1000 and West Lancashire on 0800 328 6297.