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You will need either Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser installed on your device to attend a video consultation. Download Google Chrome here. Safari will already be installed if you are an Apple user.

You will need a good internet connection. Test yours using this link.

Ambulatory care department (ACU) – click here

Audiology (hearing) – click here

Cardiac rehabilitationclick here

Children (paediatrics) – click here

Dermatology (skin) – click here

Dietitiansclick here

ENT (eyes, nose and throat) – click here

Gastroenterology click here

General surgeryclick here

Genitourinary Medicine (GUM)click here

Gynaecologyclick here

Hospital Alcohol Liaison Team (HALT)click here

Joint healthclick here

Macmillan Move Moreclick hereĀ 

Maxillo-facial (head, neck, face and jaw)- click here

Medicineclick here

Ophthalmology (eyes) – click here

Orthopaedics – click here

Pulmonary rehabclick here

Pain clinicclick here

Pre-operative careclick here

Sexual healthclick here

Spinal rehabilitationclick here

Spinal respiratory click here

Stroke clinicclick here

Urologyclick here

Vague Symptoms Clinicclick here


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