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You will need either Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser installed on your device to attend a video consultation. Download Google Chrome here. Safari will already be installed if you are an Apple user.

We advise you dial in 10 minutes before your appointment to test your connection. Test yours using this link. If this cannot be done, then an alternative appointment will be arranged.

Ambulatory care department (ACU) – click here

Audiology (hearing) – click here

Cardiac rehabilitationclick here

Children (paediatrics) – click here

Dermatology (skin) – click here

Dietitiansclick here

ENT (eyes, nose and throat) – click here

Gastroenterology click here

General surgeryclick here

Genitourinary Medicine (GUM)click here

Gynaecologyclick here

Health and Wellbeing (Trust staff only) – click here

Hospital Alcohol Liaison Team (HALT)click here

Joint healthclick here

Macmillan Move Moreclick here

Maternityclick here

Maxillo-facial (head, neck, face and jaw)- click here

Medicineclick here

Obstetric anaesthetic clinic – click here

Ophthalmology (eyes) – click here

Orthopaedics – click here

Pulmonary rehabclick here

Pain clinicclick here

Pre-operative careclick here

Sexual healthclick here

Spinal rehabilitationclick here

Spinal respiratory click here

Stroke clinicclick here

Urologyclick here

Vague Symptoms Clinicclick here


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