New-born Arthur delivers dad’s marriage proposal

10:47 am  //  11th March 2019

Romantic dad Guy Lowe celebrated the birth of his baby boy by proposing to mum Laura Graham in the delivery suite.

He left midwives in tears of joy at Ormskirk hospital after presenting newly -dressed Arthur in a baby-grow with “Will you be a Lowe like me?” on the front.

“It took a bit of time for the penny to drop because Arthur was waving his arms everywhere,” said Guy, 25. “But when she’d managed to read it, I was there on one knee with the ring.

“All the staff were cheering and the midwives were crying.”

Guy was inspired to propose by his future mother-in-law after they discussed a “push present” for Laura, 34 – often a piece of jewellery given during a birth.

“I thought what could be better than proposing?” said Guy, who lives with Laura and her daughter Gracie, eight, in Southport.

The couple have yet to set a date for the wedding but it will be “the next couple of years,” said Guy.

“We have a new baby and building a house extension, so life’s pretty busy!”


Guy proposes after Laura delivered Arthur at Ormskirk hospital


Arthur in his customised baby-grow


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