Car Parking

There is paid car parking available at both our hospital sites with Blue Badge holder spaces near the main entrances. You must display your badge.

At Southport car parks are situated along a one-way system around the main hospital building. At Ormskirk hospital there are two main car parks: one opposite the main hospital building and a second next to Wigan Road accessed using the road to Children’s A&E.

You will be issued with a ticket on entering a car park which should be used to pay when you are ready to leave. Payments machines are available near the reception of both hospitals; opposite the duck pond car park, in the Spinal Unit and at the back of Southport hospital; and in the car park next to Wigan Road at Ormskirk hospital.

Both car parks are pay on foot. The charges are:

For frequent visitors, passes are available for £10 a week or £30 for three months plus a £10 refundable deposit. These are available from the general office at either hospital site or the porters’ lodge out of office hours.

Please note: If you enter a car park and find it full, you may exit for free within 20 minutes using your ticket.

Reclaiming parking fees 

You can claim help with travel costs to hospital if you or your partner (including civil partner) receive any of the following benefits: 

To make a claim for parking, you must fill in a patient claim form available from the clinic where you attended your appointment. Please take this form, plus proof of your benefit to the general/cash office. Out of hours you must keep a receipt of your parking charges and return that, plus the claim form and proof of benefits, to the office at your next appointment.

You can also claim for help with travel costs if:

There is more information about help with health costs on NHS Choices.

Parking enforcement

UK Parking Control Ltd (UKPC) patrols our car parks to prevent thoughtless and dangerous parking. The company issues fixed penalty notices to drivers who, for example,  park in Blue Badge spaces they are not entitled to, park on pavements and double yellow lines, or block access to essential clinical services and emergency services such as ambulances and fire engines.

The Trust makes no money from penalty notice income which instead funds UKPC’s management costs.

I have been issued with a penalty notice. What should I do?

The Trust is unable to resolve appeals against fixed penalty notices. All information about appeals can be found on UK Parking Control penalty notice. In certain circumstance UKPC may contact the Trust for information before deciding whether or not to uphold the appeal.

Further information about what to do if you appeal has been unsuccessful can be found at Popla, the Parking of Private Land Appeals service.