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Working with St Helens and Knowsley

From Monday 20 September 2021, the Trust entered into a partnership for long-term collaboration with St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (STHK), with STHK taking on responsibility for the strategic and operational management of our Trust. This will enable us to continue providing quality patient care, improvement in quality of care, patient safety and financial sustainability across the health service.

In order to facilitate a collaborative approach data pertinent to both parties will be shared, this will include personal, special category, confidential and business sensitive information. Both parties deem the sharing of the personal data as essential to allow STHK to provide the support to our Trust and our services and functions.

The purpose of the data sharing will be for statutory functions, or to exercise of general powers on behalf of the secretary of state. Processing of information to support the following:

  • To provide healthcare services to the local community
  • In respect of the oversight and regulation of NHS trusts
  • Planning for operational management of integrated teams
  • Processing to support recruitment, entering into and managing staff contracts
  • Processing by teams including members from any of the parties in support of one of the parties’ functions


For the purposes of the processing both parties will be regarded as Joint Data Controllers. Each of the parties is a separate legal entity. The parties will be individually subject to the obligations placed on them by Data Protection Law and accountable for the activities that they undertake in relation to the Processing of personal data, for example data security incidents, subject access rights and other individual rights.

The data subjects will be all service users, that is, patients and employees.

Data identified to be shared will be in line with UK GDPR principles and where personal data is not required anonymised or pseudonymised data will be processed particularly where the processing does not fall under the key areas of processing identified below.

The areas where information will be shared will fall be for:

  • Where processing is necessary for the performance of the parties’ respective statutory functions, or exercise of general powers the parties – legal basis identified: Article 6(1)(e) and Article 9(2)(h) or (i) condition of the UK GDPR
  • Where processing is necessary for commissioning and healthcare planning purposes – legal basis identified: Article 6(1)(c) or Article 6(1)(e) and Article 9(2)(h) condition of the UK GDPR
  • Where processing relates to recruitment or the management of staff contracts – legal basis identified: Article 6(1)(b) and Article 9(2)(b)
  • Where processing is necessary for administrative purposes which do not relate to the performance of their public tasks or other purposes – legal basis identified: Article 6(1) (f) of the UK GDPR