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Interpretation and translation providers

Who provides the Trust's language services?

The Trust operates a two tier supply system; DA Languages are the tier 1 supplier and Language Empire tier 2.

When was the contract awarded and when does it expire?

The contract was awarded in July 2014. The end date was July 2017, with an option to extend to July 2019 which was enacted.

If the contract was awarded under a Framework, which one?

The contract was not awarded under a framework. It was an OJEU tender process; reference 31346-2014.

What is the total spend on interpretation and translation services?

The following costs include British Sign Language.


How many appointments have required an interpreter?

There is no central register of bookings and the appointment outcome. Therefore, the Trust is unable to determine the number of bookings, the number where the interpreter failed to attend or the number where the patient did not attend.

What are the most common languages requested?

In order to provide a complete breakdown of languages, the Trust would have to manually review all invoices to extract this data. This would take in excess of the appropriate limit for compliance as specified in the Freedom of Information Act therefore is exempt from disclosure.

The top 10 requested languages in 2018/19 were:

  1. Polish
  2. Romanian
  3. Portuguese
  4. Russian
  5. BSL (British Sign Language)
  6. Latvian
  7. Arabic
  8. Cantonese
  9. Bulgarian
  10. Dari