Board meetings and papers

The Board of Directors of Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust usually meets on the first Wednesday of the month. Venue and start time may vary and are shown below.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and observe. Papers are available in advance of meetings using the link at the top of the page.

Members of the public may attend the meeting. Those who wish to ask questions must notify the Company Secretary at least 48 hours in advance of the meeting. There is information about how to do this and more about the format of Board meetings here.

Interests declared by members of the Board can be found here.

Board meetings during Covid-19 pandemic

Due to the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, and in accordance with Government directions on social distancing, the Board will not hold meetings in public for the time being. We are looking at ways of making meetings accessible to the public as soon as possible.

However, to ensure key decisions are still made and important governance processes maintained, the Board continues to meet but virtually. Minutes and meeting papers continue to be published here.

Questions may continue be submitted by members of the public to the Board. Please send them, along with any other queries or comments, to Sharon Katema, Associate Director of Corporate Governance, by the Monday of the week of the board meeting.

Meetings of the Board

10.30amWednesday 5 FebruaryClinical Education Centre, Southport hospital
9.30amWednesday 4 MarchEducation Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 1 AprilMembers' virtual Board
8amWednesday 6 MayMembers' virtual Board
8amWednesday 3 JuneMembers' virtual Board
9.30amWednesday 1 JulyClinical Education Centre, Southport hospital
9.30amWednesday 2 SeptemberEducation Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 7 OctoberEducation Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 4 NovemberEducation Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 2 DecemberEducation Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 6 January 2021Education Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 3 February 2021Education Centre, Ormskirk hospital
9.30amWednesday 3 March 2021Education Centre, Ormskirk hospital