Patient Information - What to bring with you

Clothes: Night clothes, slippers, dressing gown, and underwear.

Toiletries: Hairbrush, comb, shampoo, toothbrush and denture cleaner, soap, flannel, towels (hand and bath) paper tissues and deodorant.

You may also wish to bring reading glasses, shaving equipment, walking aids, hearing aids, pension book number, books, note pads, pens, fruit juice, etc.

"Medicines to Go"

Your family doctor and local hospital are working together to inform people about their medicines and how to reduce waste.

On admission to hospital please remember to bring with you ALL the medicines you are currently taking.

During your stay in hospital your medicines will be kept in a locker at the side of your bed, and where appropriate these will be used during your stay rather than wasted.

While you are in hospital a pharmacist will talk to you about them, explaining any changes and will answer any questions you may have.

With the new "Medicines To Go" scheme when you are ready to go home your medicines are ready to go too.

On discharge the hospital will provide your family doctor with a full list of medicines supplied.


Although a bedside locker will be provided for your belongings, storage space is limited so please do not bring any clothes which you won't need.

Money and valuables

We advise you not to bring in quantities of money or other valuables such as jewellery. But do bring a small amount of money for newspapers, telephone calls, etc. If you must bring money and valuables with you, please ask your nurse to keep them in the hospital safe, as we cannot take responsibility for anything lost that should have been handed over for safe keeping.


Alcohol is not allowed on hospital premises. Alcohol consumption whilst an inpatient may interfere with treatment you are receiving.

Help us to help you

Think clean today and every dayPlease think about these suggestions and help us towards a cleaner hospital and lower rates of infection

All these little things together can help your domestic keep the environment well maintained, clean and safe

Together with your help we can do it!


We aim to create a smoke-free environment for patients and staff - even though we recognise that smoking is an addictive habit for some. To help us and to make your visit as comfortable as possible, we recommend you contact your General Practitioner before your admission to discuss using Nicotine Replacement Therapy. If this is appropriate you may obtain a Prescription which can be used throughout your hospital stay.

For more help, please contact the local Smoking Cessation Services:

Ormskirk Telephone number (01695) 598416

Southport Telephone number 0800 195 2131

or 07769 681463