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Right Arrow Improvements for surgical patients - PR/36/0506
26 January 2006 at 09:45
Last October we gave details of a study that had been carried out by a company called Teamwork who had been commissioned to review health services across Southport and Formby and West Lancashire, both within the hospital and the wider community. A report was produced providing recommendations for the most appropriate care for patients, based on proven clinical evidence that would improve patient care and contribute to the Trust’s financial recovery plan. The report also included a bed modelling exercise that identified an opportunity through service redesign and efficiency, to provide required levels of activity with fewer beds. These recommendations built upon the service improvement work already ongoing within the Trust and all this work has been brought together within the ‘Best Care Practice Programme’. Some of the early work has included avoiding unnecessary admissions, more timely discharges for patients and better bed management. This has already allowed us to reduce our bed complement and these changes were effected as part of the recent services moves. This work has been continuing and discussions are now taking place on how we continue with the programme and some proposals have been drawn up. All the proposals are subject to further considerations. In considering these changes, there will be no less activity, no fewer patients seen – in fact our aim is to increase the number of patients seen and treated at Ormskirk & District General Hospital. Some of the proposals that are being discussed are set out below. Via work undertaken by the Best Care Practice Programme, we have been able to increase the number of patients treated as day cases who can be cared for in dedicated day care facilities. This will avoid unnecessary admission the night before, provide a quicker recovery time and a timely discharge for patients. This is part of a national initiative for utilising hospital beds in the most efficient way, avoiding patients being kept in hospital unnecessarily. The Trust has recently spent around £6m building a state of the art Treatment Centre where patients can have tests, investigations, and procedures ranging from x-rays and blood tests to scans and endoscopies all in one day on the same visit. To maximise use of such a wonderful facility by increasing the number of patients treated at the centre less patients will need treatment in the inpatient areas. This will enable us to reconfigure beds elsewhere in the hospital and reduce the number of traditional inpatient beds. At the moment the proposal is to close the 14 beds on F Ward, but this has yet to be decided definitely. Staff in the area are aware of the proposals and posts have been held to relocate staff within the Trust. Surgical patients who have finished their acute care and require rehabilitation will be treated within the rehabilitation ward providing the opportunity to review the way in which rehabilitation services are provided. At the Southport site it is proposed to open a 6 bed Clinical Investigations Unit (CIU) which will manage procedures requiring a days admission such as endoscopies, biopsies and investigative X-Ray procedures. This will provide care in the right environment with appropriately skilled staff, avoiding unnecessary admissions the night before and ensure timely discharge or arrange an overnight stay on an inpatient ward if needed. Once established, the traditional inpatient beds will be reviewed and it is likely that some will close. Notes to Editors Issued by Matthew King, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust. Enquiries to: Matthew King Tel: 01704 704714 E-mail: