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28 October 2004 at 13:49
November 1st sees the start of national Infection Control week. Hand washing is known to be the most important way of preventing spread of infection. Hands should always be washed before preparing, handling or eating food; after visiting the toilet (or helping others to use the toilet); if they are visibly dirty; before and after visiting a patient in hospital.

Catherine Carter, Infection Control nurse specialist said: “Routine hand washing will remove the majority of germs. However, many people do not manage to clean all surfaces of the hands when performing their normal hand washing routine.”

Infection Control Nurses from the local NHS Trusts will be available to talk about the best way to wash your hands at ASDA, Skelmersdale from 12.30pm on 1st November 2004 and ASDA, Southport from 12.30pm on the 2nd November 2004. They can check how good your hand washing is by using a special ultraviolet light box that detects area of the hands that have not been cleaned adequately. They will also be available to talk about current infection control issues.

Martin Kiernan, Prevention & Control of Infection nurse consultant said: “The local NHS Trusts take their responsibilities for protecting patients, staff and visitors from infection very seriously. Patients in hospital are more at risk of infection because often they have a condition that reduces their resistance to germs. To reduce the risk of cross-infection, some patients may be nursed separately from others in a single room. This may also be the case if a patient who is not infected has been found to be a carrier of a germ that may be a risk to other ill patients.”

If you are visiting a patient nursed in a single room, please speak to one of the nurses who will explain the reasons for this and the measures you may need to take when visiting. If you are especially susceptible to infections, you should discuss this with one of the nurses or you doctor before visiting.

The majority of patients cared for in a single room are not normally a risk to healthy people as long as good standards of personal hygiene are followed. In normal circumstances, it is unwise to visit patients in hospital if you are unwell. If this is the case, please speak to nursing staff prior to visiting.

Notes to Editors

Issued by Matthew King, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust.

Enquiries to: Matthew King Tel: 01704 704714