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Right Arrow New facilities at Ormskirk and District General Hospital - PR/23/0405
16 September 2004 at 14:04
The doors of the new facilities at Ormskirk and District General Hospital were opened today to the media for a sneak preview before the patients arrive later this month. The public can come for a look round on Saturday 18th September between 10am and 3pm.

The £17 million state-of-the-art building will mainly be for women’s and children’s services, but will include a new and exciting concept in the care of all patients. It will be known as The Treatment Centre and is part of the Government’s Modernisation Programme for the NHS.

The Children’s Accident and Emergency Department, dedicated to caring for children and staffed by qualified children’s doctors and nurses, is due to open on 13th October. It will have its own pedestrian and ambulance entrances, accessed from Dicconson Way. It will also be possible to enter from the main hospital, although this door will be locked at night and accessed via a videophone. The department will have a waiting area and playroom for the children, 3 cubicles for minor injuries and a resuscitation room equipped to care for 2 children. A 4-bedded medical assessment/ambulatory bay adjoins the A and E department for children who need assessment and a period of observation, but who may not need admission to the children’s ward.

The Children’s Ward is due to transfer on 12th October and will have 28 beds in all, 7 of which are to be designated for day cases, two 4 bedded bays, 12 cubicles, and a high dependency bed. Two of the en-suite cubicles will be used for adolescents whenever possible. There will be a sitting room furnished for the older children, while younger ones will have a large play and dining area with access to an outdoor space in good weather. The spacious ward will have the latest security systems to maintain the safety of the children.

Children’s Outpatients Clinics are due to open on 1st November and is situated next to the A&E Department. The clinic area will have 5 examination rooms and access to a treatment area, shared with A and E. There will be facilities for children to play and watch videos while they wait. General and specialist clinics, some in conjunction with consultants from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, will run throughout the week. Outpatient clinics will also continue to be held at Southport Hospital.

Antenatal Clinics will continue to be held weekly at both Southport and Ormskirk providing general antenatal care and ultrasound scanning services. However, Foetal Medicine clinics and a Pregnancy Assessment Unit are additionally held at Ormskirk for high-risk women or for those who have developed complications during their pregnancy. There will be designated play areas for small children and baby changing facilities.

The Pregnancy Assessment Unit provides a specialised team who offer individual care to women of 20 weeks gestation onwards with known or suspected high-risk pregnancies. This service is provided Monday to Friday from 9am till 5pm. It allows women to remain at home with regular surveillance by a specialised team of Midwives as an outpatient.

The Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit is a Midwife/Nurse led unit with Consultant support. The specialised team provides a diagnostic service for women from 5 to 16 weeks of pregnancy, with related conditions. Using evidence based practice, individual care is offered in circumstances of early pregnancy loss. The unit is open 8.30 – 4.30 Monday to Friday. All these clinics are due to open on 6th October.

The Gynaecology Ward will remain in its current location on A Ward, ODGH. However, both general and specialist clinics will be relocating from the main outpatients at Ormskirk from 5th October. The facilities include a waiting area with small play area for children, four consultation/examination rooms and access to counselling and quiet rooms. The area for specialist procedures includes treatment area, recovery room and decontamination facilities. The department offers women an opportunity to attend clinics designed specifically for their needs.

Family Planning Services, run by the Primary Care Trust, will continue to be provided as before and will move from the maternity block to the clinic area when the maternity clinics transfer.

The 12-cot unit Neonatal Unit, which is due to open on 6th October, comprises 5 nurseries including an intensive care nursery, high dependency nursery, 2 side rooms and a homely special care nursery. Facilities for parents will include 2 family rooms for overnight stays and preparing for discharge, shower area and a sitting room with kitchen facilities and a variety of toys and entertainment for siblings.

Also due to open on 6th October, the Postnatal Ward offers a total of 22 beds including 8 single rooms, 5 of which have en-suite facilities, offering new mums a pleasant environment in which to spend their first few days with their new babies. Changes to the facilities within the ward have enabled a review of working practices within the department to effectively provide an up to the minute service for new mums and their families.

Keeping mums and babies together is a priority and a 4-bedded bay has been identified for caring for babies who need closer observation or care than usual. Cared for by midwives, with support from Neonatal Staff, this will mean that some babies who would normally be admitted to the NNU can now stay on the Postnatal Ward with mum. Sharing the same Level ensures that those parents who do need to visit their baby on NNU do not have far to travel.

The Delivery Suite has 8 delivery rooms, an active birth room with birthing pool, a theatre with anaesthetic and recovery rooms and a room for high dependency obstetric care.

From the delivery suite is direct access to the Antenatal Ward, which has 12 beds and a special privacy room. Again, this suite and ward are due to open on 5th October.

Separate from the Women’s & Children’s Services, but also within the new building is The Treatment Centre. The Centre will allow us to separate planned care from emergency care. This will mean that procedures or operations will not have to be disrupted or cancelled at short notice due to doctors being called away to deal with an emergency or the beds being occupied by emergency admissions.

It will aim to provide the minimum of disruption to patient’s lives. So that they can have tests, investigations, and procedures ranging from x-rays and blood tests to scans and endoscopies all in one day on the same visit. This will save the time and trouble of having to come back again and again and recovery should be quicker. If all that needs to be done cannot be done in one visit, the Centre will have a centralised booking system so the next visit can be booked on the first available day and time that is convenient to the patient. There will also be one central reception desk for all patients to book in on arrival.

Some patients who would have attended Southport & Formby District Hospital will have to travel to Ormskirk for their treatment, but it may well mean that they only have to attend hospital once instead of several times.

Services provided in the treatment centre will include Urology outpatients, Endoscopy, Minor and Day Surgery and Pain Services.

• A day bed area with 9 beds, and two trolley bays, which accommodate a total of 19 trolleys.
• A patient reception/waiting area, a gowned patient waiting area and a privacy room.
• Four Endoscopy rooms and two treatment rooms; endoscope processing rooms and secure scope store.
• A urology suite with consultation and examination rooms, urology lab and urodynamics room.

Services will transfer the weekend of 24th – 26th September with the first patients being treated towards the end of the week beginning 27th September.

Issued by Matthew King, Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust.

Enquiries to: Matthew King Tel: 01704 704714