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Right Arrow Lung Cancer Awareness Month
24 November 2009 at 15:35
As part of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, Sue Summerfield & Janet Thompson, Macmillan Lung nurses based at Southport and Formby District General Hospitals, arranged a lung cancer educational day for healthcare professionals at the Terrence Burgees Educational Centre at Queenscourt Hospice. There have also been information awareness displays at both Southport and Ormskirk District General Hospitals during November.

The Roy Castle Lung Foundation and Macmillan Cancer Relief aim to raise public awareness and to highlight the signs and symptoms of Lung Cancer so people can receive early treatment and maybe even prevent the occurrence of Lung Cancer in the future!

Signs and symptoms to be aware of are:
• Re-current chest infections.
• Unexplained cough.
• Tiredness.
• Unexplained weight loss.

Janet Thompson, Lung Cancer nurse said, "Lung Cancer is the biggest cancer killer in the U.K. with 20% of all cancer deaths. Smoking and even passive smoking causes 9 out 10 Lung Cancers. Smoking remains the single biggest preventable cause of cancer and premature death.

"Life expectancy of a man who smokes at 35 is reduced by approximately 7 years and by 5 years for a woman. In the U.K. a rapid decline in smoking has resulted in a decrease in Lung Cancer deaths, but even one death is one too many.

"If you feel that any of the above symptoms apply to you or someone that you know – Do not hesitate to contact your/their GP."

Notes to Editors

First picture shows various staff involved in the educational day (from left to right): Dr Karen Groves, Dr Nasim Ali, Janet Thompson, Cath Baldry, Dr Pooja Jain, Sue Summerfield, Alan Dawson, Dr Tim Jones

Second picture shows (at left) Cath Baldry (Director of Nursing at Queenscourt) talking to lung cancer patient Alan Dawson about his experience of having the disease.

Issued by Matthew King, Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust.

Enquiries to: Matthew King Tel: 01704 704714